Well lets start with MORADABAD,you all must be thinking why i am writing about MORADABAD when you all genius people sitting there knows evrything about it and also how to google it bt let me tell you that there are still some amazing facts about MORADABAD which you should know.
Lets start with the boring but important history,
MORADABAD was earlier known as Chaupla(Thank GOD the name is changed).It was established in 1600 by prince Murad, the son of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan,hence its name MORADABAD.t was founded in 1625 by Rustam Khan, who built the fort which overhangs the river bank, and the fine Jama Masjid or great mosque (1631),so now you know who built the Jama Masjid of MORADABAD thanks to me.The city is on the right bank of the river Ramganga, 938 ft. above sea-level,and has a station on the Oudh & Rohilkhand railway.
Moradabad is Famous for brassware and its export to countries like
United States,Britain,Canada,Germany and Middle East Asia.
According to the census report of 2011 of MORADABAD,it had a population of  4,773,138 of which male and female were 2,508,299 and 2,264,839 respectively and the bad news is the population is increased 25.25% of the last census,certainly not for those who born in between : ).Sex ratio is 903,lower than the national average bt atleast above the average of U.P. 
Lets move to the interesting facts that interest me don`t know about you bt surely you can post.Well there are about 600+ export units and 5000 industries in the district,hope you own one,coz the total exports from these export units amounts to whooping 3000 crores rupees approximately.Recently other products like Iron-Sheet, Metalwares, Aluminium Artworks and Glassware's have also been included as per the need of foreign Buyers.Mentha is also exported worth Rupees several crores—400 crores or more -- (USD 100 million) from Moradabad.
Our MLA is Mr.Mohd.Azharuddin(The Famous Cricketer
Mayor is Mr.S.T.Hasan.

We have only one mall(others cannot be called as malls) and a multiplex that we all know `WESTEND MALL` or more commonly `WAVES` though we all know about the dilemma it suffered during the unexpected flood.But atleast we have one and its quite good and the city is continously developing,with more and more development projects bt the need is not of more projects but completing the pending projects who`s deadlines are exceeded much before i was born.The famous places for people of my age are the Sai mandir road,m not gonna tell you what it`s famous for :),Town hall,Gurhatti,MDA,Civil lines-My School and ST.Mary ofcourse,NFC,Mandi chowk and many more.The thing i like the most about MORADABAD is that the people are ever helping,religion integration much better than any other place and a pretty cool and peaceful environment-i can certainly say that after living in Delhi and Did i forget to mention about girls ? :)
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HAHAHA ya u forget to mention about gals.
nice post bro............

10/19/2011 07:21:36 pm

i feel sorry to know that yor knowledge
is very poor about moradabad

you have mentioned that Azahar is the MLAof moradabad is wrong ,he is member of
parliament .pl note and correct it.

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will come back soon

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Great site, did I read this right that its free from Weebly?

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Yes you are raght n thanks....:)

Saumya Agarwal
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You didn't mention the name of your school. Please don't say K.C.M.

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This is a 6 year old post and you obviously know the answer from where I am :P


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