Its been a long time since I have written anything about anything :P , but now something is pushing me hard to write, totally inspired by the efforts and progress of txtweb I am writing again for the txtweb.When I started writing about txtweb there were only 2000 fans and close to lakhs users but now in just three months fans are close to whooping 40000 and users more than 16 lakhs.All this is because of the hard work of the team and to further increase the numbers txtweb is launching amazing contests for the users like Rang Barse Contest on Holi ,Valentines day caption contest of course on Valentines . And now txtweb is taking the aggressive mode to get more and more developers to their platform and in this process they have launched two amazing contests.

 Developer Marketplace
This is a one of its kind opportunity for its developers.A developer Market Place is an idea to connect businesses and developers together through the txtWeb platform.Here are the details about the contest.
Businesses or txtWeb would put up "projects" that they want to be built out on the platform.
Every project would have a deadline and developers  need to "bid" for the project before the deadline to be eligible to build the app out.
Of all the requests received for a particular project, the txtWeb team would decide the right candidate to build the project on the basis of the form filled out by the developer and the type of project to be built out.
After the selection, one member from the txtWeb team would be in constant touch with the candidate to help him build the app out. 

The competition was launched on 6th of March 2012 and it was a huge success in its first phase with 61 requests in 10 days among which 30 are of new developers there were total 9 projects.Excited with the statistics like you txtweb launched its second phase with total of 4 projects of value INR 34500.Are you still reading ? Log on to and start earning.
Another amazing contest is Txtweb Code Warriors : Code Warriors is an online National Level Developer Challenge on Innovation to help developers make an impact with their work. 
This is an open contest for anyone in India; businesses, students, professionals- anyone can participate.This contest is exclusively open only to developers who have built at least 2 apps that are functional on the platform and are not returning any error as of March 19th 2012 OR open only to developers who have built apps with more than 200 unique users as of March 19th 2012.
Interested ? Here is what you have to do...........All eligible developers are encouraged to build innovative apps on the platform. All apps that are built in the period from March 19th 2012 to April 1st 2012 are eligible for the competition. 
TxtWeb is a revolutionary platform that provides developers at large an opportunity to build SMS based apps within a few hours .You can use any programming language you fancy; make use of simple, easy, open API's; rapidly test and deploy your app. It's easy , fast and rewarding! 
If you are not like me and things like exposure to the industry and chance to showcase your skills to more than 15 lakh users is not enough to inspire you here is more to add.

1st Prize- Samsung Galaxy Tab worth Rs 26,000 
2nd Prize- Sony Home Theater worth Rs 18,000 
3rd Prize- Nikon digital camera worth Rs 11,000

The developers of the top 10 most innovative apps get a gift voucher worth Rs 7500 and an opportunity to showcase their apps to the panel of judges at Intuit, Bangalore.

So what are you waiting for log on to

Thats all folks Keep Coding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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