Cheer for the riders of the great soil ,
they have the players who can win from turmoil
the enthusiasm level make the blood boil,
they fight till the end, they rise from the tide
Do I need to tell you the name or the sign
Or should I tell you they have Narine who shoot like a marine
They have a dean who you all have seen
He motivates like hell doesn't it ring your bell ? Shahrukh khan it is,the name with a fame who wants to himself play the game
The captain is 'Gum'bhir who sticks to the crease, and our Jack is kallis who supports all round, if pathan stays, score progresses heaps and bounds.
Are you convinced or should I write another round ? What I love about the team is the power with the spirit and some emotional Hit, hasan and doeschate are the perfect fit
They will blast when pandey will have a day, vinay kumar will bowl in a perfect bay. 
Now they have more Morkel, Uthappa, Lynn now they will fight with the losing 'JIN'.
With all this support I just wish they win win and win.

This Cricket Season, look no further than txtWeb on your mobile to capture the best Cricket fun.

  • Get Cricket scores on the go, SMS @cri to 51115 
  • Catch up on cricketing action SMS @highlights to 51115
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  • Be your own cricket star SMS @superover to 51115

  • LOL with Navjot Singh Siddhu SMS @sidhu to 51115
 Valid on  Airtel, Vodafone, Idea & Tata. Upto Re 1/SMS 

Do you want to tap the infinite possibilities of internet marketing ?
You have a small or medium size business or planning to start one ?
You want to focus only on the core aspect of your business ?
Then you are like me and you should read on.
With the growing number of innovators coming in this decade of innovation with the mask of entrepreneurs I would like to introduce you with
Archit Arya an IIT Guwahati alumni and Suhas Kamath NITK from Surathkal who took the initiative to solve the problems of the small and medim size business in India by launching Eye and Buy.Eye and Buy provide Holistic E-Commerce Solutions to Businesses in India.
It is a one-stop shop enabling small and medium businesses (SMEs) to tap into the limitless capabilities of the internet as a tool to attract, engage and convert a wide target audience into loyal customers by empowering you with robust e-commerce solutions tailor-made for your business.
This is certainly one of the very few indian companies which provide solutions which are completely customized for the Indian Market.Use of Rupee symbol on all websites or the Implementation of Indian pin code enabled delivery details for the clients is a good example of customizing the Indian way :)
Powered by Adjetter Media Pvt. Ltd, India’s first and only cloud-based media and advertising agency, provide expertise in online marketing, e-commerce, software development, cloud based services and web technology are at par with global standards giving clients an edge over the competition.Some of the other initiatives uniquely offered by Eye and Buy include brand promotion in a number of popular Facebook pages and also promotion of brands through celebrities. The company now also offers single-click installation of e-shops on Facebook for its clients.
Eye & Buys enables businesses to
• Build robust e-commerce enabled websites, quickly and affordably
• Develop a payment gateway, brisk and secure
• Manage packaging and branding efficiently
•Provide reliable and cost-effective shipping for your products

Now everybody wants to know the experience in the field.Since its inception a few months ago, Eye and Buy has worked successfully with a number of clients, from well-known names like 3M and Featherlite to locally popular ones like P N RAO and Pai International. They have also developed UnwrapIndia as a well-established e-commerce website selling Indian handicrafts.
No certainly you do not need to have knowledge of anything just log on and contact.No expertise is required with assured quality solutions and 24*7 service guaranteed.
Still reading ? Oh you need a link go click www.eyeandbuy.com
And do not forget to read the testimonials   ;)

When it comes to children we all want to help them, to save millions of poor children in our country, but we often do not get a chance to do it.What if you can help them just by sharing a super entertaining video.Sounds cool ? Read on..........

Jumpin one of the happiest fruit drinks understands its responsibilty towards the children and in a way to help those children. Jumpin has come up with a `Share the Video` campaign where for every share of the video, Jumpin will donate INR 2 to the NGO Save The Children. Save the Children is the world`s leading independent organization for children that  works to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children to achieve immediate and lasting changes in their life.

So what are you waiting for watch the video titled `NaniVSNaani Faceoff`.It is a very entertaining video and has brought back the much loved song of yester-years, "Nani teri morni ko mor le gaye...."
Here is the link 
So do your bit and make a difference. Share this video on your facebook, youtube & twitter accounts and help us spread the word.

Entertain,Share, Donate, Save the children................................

txtWeb is here again for all the developers out there who are waiting to show off their skills with second season of app2fame.App2fame is an app competition which gives a wonderful opportunity to publish apps on the txtWeb platform, reach millions of mobile phone users and win exciting prizes.

What is app2fame
Its a National Developer Challenge, a wonderful opportunity to showcase your innovative ideas and develop cool SMS App(s).

Participate in the contest to:
  • Reach out to over 700 million mobile phone users who can use txtWeb Apps for FREE
  • Get your Apps on the biggest platform – txtWeb.com
  • Win exciting prizes.

The contest starts from 19th July 2102 , and will close on 8thSeptember, 2012 and it`s open to all Students, Professionals, Businesses, Start-ups.

What`s Interesting 

txtWeb is not just giving up 2 or 3 prizes, amazingly the contest is divided into categories and there are different prizes for every category.Different categories are divided as follows
  • Most-Popular Apps: Any app built for end users. The apps that get the largest number of unique users in the month of September (8th-30th) would be eligible for the prizes.
  • Business Solutions AppsApps built to solve some real world Business Problems provided by txtWeb would be considered under this category. Check the type of problem statements here.
  • The list of finalists would be declared based on the functionality of the app decided by an independent panel of judges selected by Intuit.
  • Open-Sourced Apps: This category aims to encourage developers to start participating in open source development by writing code and open source for the benefit of all. Apps would be evaluated by txtWeb team on the basis of certain criteria. To know more about the criteria click here.
  • Most-Popular Category:
o   1st prize - Cash Reward of 1 Lakh INR

o   2nd prize - Cash Reward of 50,000 INR

o   3rd prize - Cash Reward of 30,000 INR

  • Business Solutions Category:
o   1st prize - Cash Reward of 1 Lakh INR

o   2nd prize - Cash Reward of 50,000 INR

o   3rd prize - Cash Reward of 30,000 INR

  • Open Source Category:
o   One Prize - Cash Reward of 1 Lakh INR 

  • App with more than 1,000 Unique Users:
o   Cash Reward of 3,000 INR 

All the details are available at www.app2fame.com
As I am a student myself what attracts me most is that
top 5 students developers will get a chance to Intern with intuit technologies(txtWeb), which is one of the best place to work in India.So developers do you still need more motivation to participate ?

ITC has come up with a unique award to honour women who have not only shaped their own destiny but have left an indelible mark on the lives of others.Now its our turn to contribute by voting for the best one.

Vivel Active Fair Awards:

Vivel Active Fair celebrates the journey of courage and passion of the modern Indian Women, women who have shed their inhibitions to pursue their dreams. Vivel Active Fair is honoring these extraordinary women for being that change and making a difference.
The entries date is over and we are overwhelmed with the number of entries we have recieved but now this is the time to decide who is the best of all.This is the time to VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Honourable jury members are:

·    Nandini Vaidyanathan, author of the best seller ‘Entrepedia’ a professor at IIM Bangalore who teaches             Entrepreneurship.

·   Ruchika Mehta, Editor at HELLO! Magazine and a lifestyle journalist.

·   Dilshad Master, Ex CEO UTV and Nat Geo.

You can find more information about the awards and the Facebook app on the links mentioned below.

I want you all to go and vote for the one who is the true representative of the Indian women with the power to change their own destiny and making a difference in society at large..............................:)

When I started using social networking sites I was so addicted to orkut, then came the facebook that conquered all,it razed orkut.
Now there are debates all around what possibly can end the monopoly of Facebook.Everybody seems to have different opinions, what seems to me the best contender or atleast that can give fb a good fight is a new social networking site www.cafe4tune.com, essentially its free and what attracts me the most is the features to interact in 2D and 3D virtual environments.
I am sharing some of the details about it and I hope you all will love it.

About Cafe4tune:

Cafe4tune is a free social networking site that offers its members larger-than-life ways of interacting in 2D and 3D virtual environments. Founded in 2011, it has users from all over the world. Your virtual spaces are called ‘Cafes’ that are designed and customized according to each user or organization’s interests. Simply search for and connect with other Cafe4tune members worldwide, take part in cafe polls, add photos, join tables and have a group chat with table members. Switch from one profile to the other, keep up-to-date with the latest news updates, add posts, chat at virtual tables with friends, edit your albums and much more.

What can you do in a Cafe?

·         see the 3D version of yourself and your surroundings

·         use or create online broadcasting for FREE - create live-streams, hang around forums and polls

·         do video chat and conferencing

·         look through photo and video albums

What’s more, you can find your next date on Cafe4tune. Yes, they boast of a Secure Dating Online Service. Let me show you how?

You’ll first need to create your profile with your avatar and dating requirements. Cafe4tune will then rely on the cross-matching algorithms to bring you and a compatible person to a private chat table. Only if both of you are comfortable with exposing real profiles to each other will further development of your online relationship be allowed. The service allows for privacy with each individual relationship, and provides each user with the ability to categorize relationships into categories like relatives, classmates, friends, acquaintances, etc.

Using a Smartphone is what everyone who cares about their time does. We have now an app for iPhone and Android users as well.The best part is when you browse the virtual world in 3D that creates the experience like you’re in the game (though you can switch to standard mode at any point). 

Sounds pretty cool ryt ? So why are you still reading log on www.cafe4tune.com

We all have got everything just because of our father, and we all want to do something for our father, certainly there are some small things which you can do without much efforts this father`s day and to add to the delight you all stand a chance to win big all because of your father(Yet Again).This will make your father feel really proud.Just express your love for your father in  140 words and you can win txtweb Father`s Day Contest.
Here is what you have to do.

On Facebooktell us why your Father is the BESTEST and Tag  your friends in your answers. Every tag will earn them 2 bonus points.
On Twitter, tweet with the hashtag #txtWebFather’sDay and tell us why your Father is the BESTEST. Ask your friends to re-tweet  your tweet. Every re-tweet will earn you 4 bonus points.

The answers with the highest number of points will be chosen the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner respectively. And there will be one Special Prize for the best answer (This will not depend on the bonus points earned).
For more information,Rules and Regulations please visit 

Go on brag about your Father, let the world know about him and don`t forget to tag your friends and most importantly your Father............:)  

Ipl fever is on a high and txtweb too.Understanding the ever increasing love of Indians in IPL and cricket txtweb has launched various apps so that you never miss a ball while on the go.While our Telecom companies tries to encash our love for cricket by providing us cricket packs and updates at an unreasonable price, txtweb is free (with Sms Pack ).
Few of the amazing cricket apps on txtweb are :·        
@cricguru – A Gaming app where one can predict the results and winning margin of the ongoing 20-over IPL cricket matches in India to win exciting prizes daily and to add to the fun you can also get a chance to win a bumper prize in the end.
@t20 – Gets the scores, news, highlights and trivia of all T-20 cricket matches
@cricket – Get scores and latest happenings of all international cricket matches.

 Using txtweb services is simple & easy just type @t20 and send it to 09243342000 and you will get replies with lightning fast speed.These apps are not only for IPL matches you can get updates of every international match with these apps and to add to the Ipl flavour there is one more good news for all fans of txtweb now you need not to have a National Sms Pack to use txtweb services with increasing user base in every part of the country txtweb has launched local numbers for various states.

·         Delhi – 9266892668

·         Maharashtra – 9220292202

·         Andhra Pradesh – 9297777777

·         Karnataka – 9243342000

·         Bihar – 9204792047

·         Tamil Nadu – 9282192821

·         West Bengal – 92300 92300

·         Rest of India – 9297777777

So now you can enjoy score update of every IPL match for free.Enjoy IPL and keep txtwebbing............

Its been a long time since I have written anything about anything :P , but now something is pushing me hard to write, totally inspired by the efforts and progress of txtweb I am writing again for the txtweb.When I started writing about txtweb there were only 2000 fans and close to lakhs users but now in just three months fans are close to whooping 40000 and users more than 16 lakhs.All this is because of the hard work of the team and to further increase the numbers txtweb is launching amazing contests for the users like Rang Barse Contest on Holi ,Valentines day caption contest of course on Valentines . And now txtweb is taking the aggressive mode to get more and more developers to their platform and in this process they have launched two amazing contests.

 Developer Marketplace
This is a one of its kind opportunity for its developers.A developer Market Place is an idea to connect businesses and developers together through the txtWeb platform.Here are the details about the contest.
Businesses or txtWeb would put up "projects" that they want to be built out on the platform.
Every project would have a deadline and developers  need to "bid" for the project before the deadline to be eligible to build the app out.
Of all the requests received for a particular project, the txtWeb team would decide the right candidate to build the project on the basis of the form filled out by the developer and the type of project to be built out.
After the selection, one member from the txtWeb team would be in constant touch with the candidate to help him build the app out. 

The competition was launched on 6th of March 2012 and it was a huge success in its first phase with 61 requests in 10 days among which 30 are of new developers there were total 9 projects.Excited with the statistics like you txtweb launched its second phase with total of 4 projects of value INR 34500.Are you still reading ? Log on to http://www.txtweb.com/marketplace-developers and start earning.
Another amazing contest is Txtweb Code Warriors : Code Warriors is an online National Level Developer Challenge on Innovation to help developers make an impact with their work. 
This is an open contest for anyone in India; businesses, students, professionals- anyone can participate.This contest is exclusively open only to developers who have built at least 2 apps that are functional on the platform and are not returning any error as of March 19th 2012 OR open only to developers who have built apps with more than 200 unique users as of March 19th 2012.
Interested ? Here is what you have to do...........All eligible developers are encouraged to build innovative apps on the platform. All apps that are built in the period from March 19th 2012 to April 1st 2012 are eligible for the competition. 
TxtWeb is a revolutionary platform that provides developers at large an opportunity to build SMS based apps within a few hours .You can use any programming language you fancy; make use of simple, easy, open API's; rapidly test and deploy your app. It's easy , fast and rewarding! 
If you are not like me and things like exposure to the industry and chance to showcase your skills to more than 15 lakh users is not enough to inspire you here is more to add.

1st Prize- Samsung Galaxy Tab worth Rs 26,000 
2nd Prize- Sony Home Theater worth Rs 18,000 
3rd Prize- Nikon digital camera worth Rs 11,000

The developers of the top 10 most innovative apps get a gift voucher worth Rs 7500 and an opportunity to showcase their apps to the panel of judges at Intuit, Bangalore.

So what are you waiting for log on to http://codewarriors.in/

Thats all folks Keep Coding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is related to my previous blog post "Browse Internet without GPRS".The reason why I am forced(ya truly i am forced to) to write about it again is because of its amazing response and one blog post is not enough to tell you all of its infinite uses,features and more importantly its scope of use.The innovative idea and concept of internet on sms is introduced by txtweb .TxtWeb is a revolutionary platform where anyone with a mobile phone can discover and consume content/services by SMSing specific keywords to 9243342000.The information sought can include Wikipedia content, local market prices, government programs, financial literacy tips etc. Most importantly, for publishers and developers, txtWeb is one of the fastest platforms to make content and services available to billions. Creating a txtSite takes only 5 minutes, while developing and deploying an SMS-based app on txtWeb usually takes about 5 hours. Still early into its inception, txtWeb is in a dynamic and continuous state of evolution.
Its so easy and amazing to use that by just using one or two codes for the services you will recieve the codes for using other services,futher incresing ints utility.So if you are the one not using it you are missing something important just use it and be onw step ahead of your friends and do remember that you can directly use the internet but certainly not without the GPRS but not with txtweb because it runs on sms platform and every phone have this basic function(obvio)
Now for an easy and quick review about what is txtweb and how to use it just enjoy the video below,it showcases some of the best features of txtweb platform.

Must Read