If you are also of the view that in 10-15 years or so,we are going to be ahead of China than think again.China sets yet another example to show the world that who are they and what they are capable of  by building the world`s longest bridge-THE JIAOZHOU BAY BRIDGE which is 26.4 miles(44.4 km) and the amazing fact is they took just 4 years to complete it,while we took 9 years to complete the BANDRA-WORLI sea link which is only 5.2 kms,are we capable of this only?and we all know wht happened during the CWG-2010 and the Olympics in China.
The jiaozhou bay bridge connects the Quingdao city to the suburban huangdao on the other side of the bay with an airport build on a nearby island,it will solve the traffic problem and decrease the distance between the connected cities many a mile.The world is amazed and contentment all over china.Furthermore to add to the joy of china and embarrassment for India china completed it in just 4 years without any help whatsoever from the western and foreign countries,while india took 9 years to complete the sea link with the help of Engineers and technicians from the U.S.,U.K. and other western countries.
The bridge is 33.5 metre wide and stands on 5200 proud pillarsand it costs $2.2 billion as reported by the chinese media,amazed already well there is much more to add 450,000 tons of steel was used in the construction that can be utilised to complete 65 Eiffel towers and 2.3 million cubic metres of concrete it can withstand  an eartquake of 8 magnitude.Atleast 10000 workers were toiled in two teams from both the ends of the bay and linking the two ends together in the middle.
COMPARISON:China have already broken the world record of longest bridge by over 4 km. bt they are still not satisfied as they are going to break there own record by 2016 by another chinese trestle bridge which will be linking Hong-Kong and Macao and Guangdong province and which will be 50 km long(woooooooooo).
Do we have any such plans? Forget about the plans will we be able to complete our pending projects by 2016 ?
I don`t` know that much about the development projects but still I know some of the Fly-over bridge projects in Moradabad and delhi whose deadline are exceeded by decades and still no sign of completion.A 25 km Fly-Over is still not complete in 15 long years.What a shame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now we all know why China was chosen to Build the ships in 2012 (remember) coz everybody knows they can..............

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