Have you ever wondered what your phone will be like in 2020?,Let me tell you yesterday at Scholarship Emerging Communications Conference (ECOMM),the kracow-based future researchers Szymon SLUPIK, name is a bit difficult to pronounce bt the task as well, he explained that in 2020, a mobile phone that we know will disappear, resulting in a device link directly to our senses, the sense of other people or machines. 
Which device to move the role of smart phones today: the glasses on the Internet or INTERNET GLASSES
Sounds unbelievable? 

The concept was shown by him in the following figure.  
He made a concept little clearer and added .. "A voice was always in meetings with a beginning and an end Now we make calls, so when you start a thread to never end and we really continue to think of your parallel. E-mail, RSS, Twitter, etc. This is how our brain works. The phone of tomorrow will be tele-coupling ourselves and the machines 
So the thing we like to get the key, said slupik is to hit small screens and keyboards and new technology that the blockages can be avoided by the paradigms of aging release. 
He said the two main technologies include: 
1. Laser-based screens - MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) based on laser projectors can images directly on our retina display, while not blocking our view, so that the vision of mixed reality. The nice thing is that it is so small that it can be integrated into the eyeglasses 
2. Brain Wave Sensing-
We need to control the functions of the mind to a truly hands-free. Contact with the help of eye tracking, brain, direct links information. Sounds extreme? It is not. The most important universities report continuously used brain implants in rats and humans, while commercial applications for non-invasive coupling of signals in the human brain also arise. A Japanese company has recently announced that cat ears can be worn on the human head and treated with nothing more than brains. 

Slupik think we're on the cusp of a revolution in computer hardware to detect the network and the brain can be up to the end of this decade. The result is a version of usage scenarios unimaginable. Cloud computing is fully aware of our environment, have received a steady stream of what we hear and what we see and in turn sends the information flow, such as consulting, translation and orientation. 
I hope everything is going as fast as possible. 
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