A fine decision by the Railways Of India.
So now we don`t have to pay extra commission to the agents to book our Railway Tickets  just coz of the decision of the Railways of India.
India ready to eat outside of his own e-ticketing service for the planning of the Indian Railways is not a place for travel agents and pathways for individual users is reserved(finally).The e-ticketing service for individual users is reserve on the site. The new service will be available on the web portal  www.indianrailways.gov.in. The service is available from 12.30 to 11.30,23 hrs a day don`t know why they are shutting the portal for an hour.Do web portals need dinner? Or they want to pee? hahaha
Under the new rail e-ticketing:

Ø  Individual customers would first register to use the Services. Registration is free.

Ø  A maximum of eight transactions per month with a user ID will be       admitted early.

Ø  The service charges levied will be Rs. 5 per ticket for sleeper class and Rs. 10 per ticket for all other classes.
IRCTC now charges
 Rs 10 per ticket for the sleeper and Enter Rs 20 per head for all other classes.It also offers ticket-booking on the mobile platform Customers desirous of utilizing the facility and having Internet facilities will have to download mobile ticketing application on mobile phones from Indian Railway’s website.Finally a moving ahead step atleast by the Railways.

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