Yes,the title is totally correct.Now you can access the internet without a GPRS enabled phone or simply phones without the GPRS functionality.So now you don`t have to own a cell phone with a GPRS to search basic information from the Internet because this trick will work same as with cell phones like Nokia 1100,1108 as with Blacberry n i-phones.Though you cannot access every website but the possibilities are endless-
Search Wikipedia(Yup its totally true)
2.Search Google as well.
lyrics of almost every song whether hollywood or bollywood,pretty cool no?
4.Update the Status of your
Facebook Account,many of you desperately wanted this na ?
5.Translate in any Language.
5.Get details of Trains between any Places in India.
6.Search the Status of your PNR.
7.Get Quotes.
8.Get the Tv schedule of Hollywood Movies.
10.Fixed Time Messages.
12.Hindi to English Conversion.
13.Get to know about the events near your Place.
14.Get news from the Top News Website.
15.Poems and Much Much More.
Its much much more than what you think.Now let me tell you what you have to do.
You all must be having sms vouchers in your Phones,You just have to message to 09243342000,and the best thing is that you won`t be charged extra for this,1 message will be deducted from your SMS Voucher,thats why its great to use.
Searching Wikipedia
Now,Just save the above number and 
@wiki<space><topic you want to search> and send it to the above number to search wikipedia.
Example:If you want to Search Moradabad on Wikipedia just
type @wiki Moradabad and send it to 9243342000.
In seconds you will get a reply and proceed according to the instructions in the message.
As soon as you try this you will get to know the codes of how to do the other searches you have dreamed above(:P).
If you didn`t find the codes for any of the above  searches like lyrics or language converter than don`t worry simply put a comment below and i will reply you soon and also don`t forget to comment if you like this trick and don`t forget that I am the first one to tell you this.
Do comment.

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