Cheer for the riders of the great soil ,
they have the players who can win from turmoil
the enthusiasm level make the blood boil,
they fight till the end, they rise from the tide
Do I need to tell you the name or the sign
Or should I tell you they have Narine who shoot like a marine
They have a dean who you all have seen
He motivates like hell doesn't it ring your bell ? Shahrukh khan it is,the name with a fame who wants to himself play the game
The captain is 'Gum'bhir who sticks to the crease, and our Jack is kallis who supports all round, if pathan stays, score progresses heaps and bounds.
Are you convinced or should I write another round ? What I love about the team is the power with the spirit and some emotional Hit, hasan and doeschate are the perfect fit
They will blast when pandey will have a day, vinay kumar will bowl in a perfect bay. 
Now they have more Morkel, Uthappa, Lynn now they will fight with the losing 'JIN'.
With all this support I just wish they win win and win.

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