When I started using social networking sites I was so addicted to orkut, then came the facebook that conquered all,it razed orkut.
Now there are debates all around what possibly can end the monopoly of Facebook.Everybody seems to have different opinions, what seems to me the best contender or atleast that can give fb a good fight is a new social networking site www.cafe4tune.com, essentially its free and what attracts me the most is the features to interact in 2D and 3D virtual environments.
I am sharing some of the details about it and I hope you all will love it.

About Cafe4tune:

Cafe4tune is a free social networking site that offers its members larger-than-life ways of interacting in 2D and 3D virtual environments. Founded in 2011, it has users from all over the world. Your virtual spaces are called ‘Cafes’ that are designed and customized according to each user or organization’s interests. Simply search for and connect with other Cafe4tune members worldwide, take part in cafe polls, add photos, join tables and have a group chat with table members. Switch from one profile to the other, keep up-to-date with the latest news updates, add posts, chat at virtual tables with friends, edit your albums and much more.

What can you do in a Cafe?

·         see the 3D version of yourself and your surroundings

·         use or create online broadcasting for FREE - create live-streams, hang around forums and polls

·         do video chat and conferencing

·         look through photo and video albums

What’s more, you can find your next date on Cafe4tune. Yes, they boast of a Secure Dating Online Service. Let me show you how?

You’ll first need to create your profile with your avatar and dating requirements. Cafe4tune will then rely on the cross-matching algorithms to bring you and a compatible person to a private chat table. Only if both of you are comfortable with exposing real profiles to each other will further development of your online relationship be allowed. The service allows for privacy with each individual relationship, and provides each user with the ability to categorize relationships into categories like relatives, classmates, friends, acquaintances, etc.

Using a Smartphone is what everyone who cares about their time does. We have now an app for iPhone and Android users as well.The best part is when you browse the virtual world in 3D that creates the experience like you’re in the game (though you can switch to standard mode at any point). 

Sounds pretty cool ryt ? So why are you still reading log on www.cafe4tune.com

7/22/2012 05:06:38 pm

I have tried out this new site Cafe4tune and find it very intersting. 2D and 3D chatting, live streaming, games and the best part live karaoke...it adds that extra zing to social networking!!

7/22/2012 07:40:29 pm

It is indeed.Glad that you like it.........:)

7/24/2012 01:20:06 pm

Oh yes Sameer, I am loving the new social networking...it is something fresh. Cafe4tune has developed mobile apps for iPhone and Android because today everybody has an android phone...so you can use Cafe4Tune anywhere, anytime.
It is a very good site for businesses also. You can upload business-related photos and videos, upload an infographic link back to your site and get traffic. That's really cool!!

7/23/2012 08:15:37 pm

It sounds interesting

7/24/2012 01:13:53 am

Ya its amazing.................:)

7/23/2012 08:17:48 pm

wow.. trying to explore that now :)

7/24/2012 05:00:11 pm

Its quite amazing thanks for the info sameer.............:)

10/7/2012 05:04:57 pm

I agree with each and every conclusions made on this topic. It is really very informative. Thanks for sharing.

10/7/2012 08:19:29 pm

The matter written on your blog really keeps tying the reader till the end. Very interesting use of phrases and idioms.

10/17/2013 08:23:53 pm

Thank you very much for this valuable information.


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